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Sandboxie 5.26 Latest version [ Auto activated ]

Sandboxie is a very cool and useful program for both professionals and beginners. With it, you can run applications in an isolated environment where they can not do harm. Actual when you run unknown files, keygen, other unfamiliar applications, browsers for browsing on questionable sites. Particularly smart players run online games in two windows and thanks to this program they get an advantage (do not do this). The smart function is to support forced folders: any program running from them will be in the sandbox. There are other interesting settings that you will learn about when using this registered version of Sandboxie.

General Information:

Type: Set the [official installer] 
Languages: Russian, english, multi [choose the first installer window] 
Treatment: done [UUK, 3dollar, Levvon] 

Set up only in the default folder: C: \ Program Files \ Sandboxie

Notice , some paranoid antiviruses can interfere with the automatic activation process, so it is advisable to turn them off for the duration of the program installation.

What you need to do is run the installer
The activation will be automatic .